Mountain Skills

Descending Spider Man Butress, Squashed Spider, Smith Rock, Oregon

We have been working through mountaineering concepts and skills with the guys. We started with rope handling and moved onto knots. Here are some of the things we have covered:

  1. Rope handling
    1. Flaking
    2. Care – don’t step on the rope
    3. Butterfly coil
  2. Harness
    1. Fitting
    2. Double-back buckling
  3. Knots
    1. Terms – knot, hitch, bend, (splice)
    2. Examples
      1. Overhand knot
      2. Square knot
      3. Overhand on a bight
      4. Figure 8
      5. Figure 8 on a bight
      6. Figure 8 rewoven/follow-through
      7. Overhand and double-overhand backup for harness tie-in
      8. Girth hitch
      9. Clove hitch
    3. More to come
Working a hard ascent in the shadow of Monkey Face, Smith Rock, Oregon

I would like to recommend this climbing video. Is has no need of the fast-paced scene changes and camera shake – but it is a more meditative look at long-term climbing goals.


The methodical, planned, pace of the skilled mountaineer. Kahiltna glacier, Mt. McKinley/Denali, Alaska