Zoom Android instructions

You will be given a link to the meeting. But, before you are able to access it, you must install the Zoom app first. (Instructions for Android [iOS should be similar] are below, with pictures of what will be showing on your phone’s screen.)

Find the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” app from the app store and install. 

Once the app is installed, then open the app. (See below)

Then sign up for a free Zoom account.

Once the app is installed and you have signed up for your free account, close the Zoom app.

Then go to the link in your invitation email.  Select the web link and paste into your phone’s browser.  (Or you maybe able to just tap on the link, and it will open automatically) Your browser will then automatically open the Zoom app, and give you the option to “Join Meeting”.  Tap on “Join Meeting”, to join the correct meeting. (See below)

You will see a screen to enter your name.  (See below)

Enter your name and tap “OK”. (See below)

It will then say; “Please allow Zoom access permission”, tap “Got it” (See below)

It will ask; “Allow Zoom to take pictures and record video?”  Tap “Allow” (See below)

In the next screen, tap “Join with Video” (See below)

Then you will be asked; “Allow Zoom to Record audio?”  Tap “Allow” (See below)

You may at first see a screen like the one below, or the next one after. If it is like this one below, then tap on the headphones icon labeled; “Join Audio” at the lower left of the screen.  It will take you to the next screen.

You may see this screen when you first join instead of the last one:  If so, tap on the words; “Call via Device Audio”  Do NOT tap on the words; “Dial in” (See below)

NOTE: If you can’t be heard by others on the meeting, swipe to the right until you get to this screen below.  Then tap the words in the circle that say; “Tap to Speak”

Then in the widow that pops up, tap on the words; “Call via Device Audio”  Do NOT tap on the words; “Dial in” (See below)

The circle should be filled in with blue now, and say; “Done Speaking”, (See below) do NOT tap that, just swipe to the left until you see others on the screen.  You can select the screen that shows the main speaker, or one that has multiple people showing, which ever you prefer.  (You can swipe between these screens at any time.)

When you are ready to leave the meeting, swipe right or left until you get back to the screen above:

Then click on the word “Leave” in red, in the upper right of the screen.  (See below)

And you will get this screen below: Then, tap on the words; “Leave Meeting” in blue.

And then you are all done!

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