Zoom PC instructions

(These instructions are for a PC with a Windows operating system, other operating systems should be similar.)

An internet link will be provided for each Zoom meeting. After clicking on the link, or pasting in your browser, and clicking go…

It will probably ask you to save or run the file, if you can, just click “run”.  If there is no “run” option, click “save” and then locate the file, and click on it once it is downloaded.  (See screenshot below and screenshot after the one below too.)

Once you have clicked on the file, or double clicked on the file, it will begin loading automatically.  (See below)

When prompted, enter your name. (See below)

Once you have entered your name, you will be given this screen, click on “Join with Video”. (See below)

Then on the next screen, click “Join with Computer Audio”. (See below)

You are now connected to the meeting, you will probably see the meeting organizer in the main window, and yourself and others in smaller windows along the top.  As one person speaks, it will generally change to that person in the main window.

If you want to “clap” your hands or give a “thumbs up” sign, you can click on the “Reactions” icon down at the bottom of the screen toward the right side, to select an expression icon (See below)

You can then select a clapping hand icon, or a thumbs up icon. (See below)

To leave the meeting, click on the “Leave Meeting” text in red in the lower right of the screen. (See Below)

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